Nichols Bridgeway

The Nichols Bridgeway, designed by architect Renzo Piano, was built in collaboration with the Art Institute of Chicago and Millennium Park Foundation.

It is a 620-foot pedestrian bridge that gradually inclines over Lurie Garden, joining the southwest corner of Millennium Park’s Great Lawn with the third floor of the Art Institute’s Modern Wing. The Bridgeway, along with the South Exelon Pavilions at Millennium Park, were designed by Piano to complement the Modern Wing. From up above, it has incomparable views of Michigan Avenue, the lakefront, and Millennium Park.

The base of the Bridgeway, a minimalist hull-shaped design, is constructed of coated structural steel overlaid with aluminum flooring and attached to 4-foot-tall steel railings. The Bridgeway also incorporates anti-slip walkways and heating elements to prevent ice formation, making it accessible to all types of pedestrians.