1. How is MP funded and who owns it?

Millennium Park is owned and operated by the City of Chicago and programmed by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE). Millennium Park Foundation assisted the City in the design and construction of the Park, securing the private donations that funded its construction. Millennium Park Foundation continues to secure private donations to partially fund programs and enhancements to Millennium Park.

2. How much did Millennium Park cost?

Millennium Park cost $490M to construct in 2004. Of that total, approximately $220M in private donations to Millennium Park Foundation were used to construct the primary artistic and architectural elements of the Park.

3. Why is it named Millennium Park?

“A park to celebrate the new millennium”, Millennium Park was a name that stuck in the mind of Mr. John Bryan, one of the Park’s original Founders and former CEO of Sara Lee Corporation. Many suggestions were made, and the name Garden of the Arts was formally proposed, but this was later rejected in favor of the current name.

4. How do I contact the Millennium Park Foundation for further information?

For permit (filming, photography, etc.) requests, please contact [email protected]
For copyright/licensing agreements for the artistic elements in the Park please contact [email protected]
For information on holding an event in Millennium Park, please contact [email protected]
For media questions and requests, please contact [email protected]
For information on participation in the Family Fun Festival, please contact [email protected]
For any other requests or questions, please contact [email protected]

5. Who do I contact about…opportunities?

Please email [email protected]

6. How is the art and architecture curated?

Works of public art and architecture in Millennium Park, including the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions, are curated by Millennium Park Foundation. The Foundation engages a curatorial advisory group to assist in this process. This group is comprised of representative from The Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), City of Chicago Public Art Program, Nathan Manlow Sculpture Park, and other subject matter experts as needed.

7. What is the cost of entrance?

Millennium Park is free and open to the public. Tours offered by the Chicago Cultural Center’s Greeter Service is also free, as well as guided tours of Lurie Garden. Information on either of these can be found on their respective websites. For more information about specific events and programs please visit the City of Chicago’s Millennium Park website.

8. Are pets allowed in Millennium Park?

No. Only service animals are allowed in Millennium Park.