BP Pedestrian Bridge

Frank Gehry’s BP Pedestrian Bridge is clad in brushed stainless-steel panels, complementary to the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in design as well as function by creating an acoustic barrier from the traffic noise from the adjacent Columbus Drive.

BP Bridge connects Millennium Park with Maggie Daley Park over Columbus Drive – a multi-lane thoroughfare presenting a significant physical barrier between both spaces. The Bridge creates accessibility for people with disabilities, linking the eastern and western areas of Grant Park.

Art Installation

Incomparable Views

This 925-foot-long winding bridge is Gehry’s first and provides incomparable views of Millennium Park, the Chicago skyline, Maggie Daley Park and Grant Park. The design and construction of the BP Pedestrian Bridge was completely underwritten by the Millennium Park Foundation using funds from private donors.

Visit Chicago Public Library for more archival photos of BP Pedestrian Bridge.