Christine Tarkowski

Christine Tarkowski is a sculptor and installation artist working in a wide variety of mediums including architecture, sculpture, glass models, textiles, printed matter, photography, and song which range in size and scale.

Her work responds to the impact of architecture and other human-made structures on natural environments and spaces. In addition to her renowned solo exhibitions and commissioned works for world-class institutions, Tarkowski is a professor of Fiber and Material Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

“When we call…”

When we call…* brings to the viewer the startling presence of translucent candy-colored hand-cast glass boulders suspended from a delicate network of cables above and about heavy earthbound aggregate boulders that evokes a very strange, yet basically elemental landscape—which is, ironically, very similar to our own environment, both natural and built.

Christine Tarkowski’s When we call… is presented by Millennium Park Foundation, the Boeing Company, the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, and Rande and Cary McMillan.
More information about When we call… and Christine Tarkowski can be found here.
*When we call the Earth by way of distinction a planet and the Moon a satellite, we should consider whether we do not, in a certain sense, mistake the matter. Perhaps—and not unlikely—the Moon is the planet and the Earth the satellite! Are we not a larger moon to the Moon, than she is to us?